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Extract Technology integrates an aseptic sieving system into the downstream cabinet to optimize powder production

Powder Systems Limited (PSL) has a wealth of experience, engineering and containment processes supplying high quality customized processing equipment to the pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries worldwide. When a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer sought a customized pharmaceutical sieve, PSL combined expertise with Russell Finex, global leaders in separation technology, to provide a custom solution.


In order for the customer to produce potent compounds according to CGMP standards, an included screening solution was required. PSL has combined its own high containment isolator with the Russell Compact Screen, providing a unique, safe and convenient solution to safely screen hazardous material and can handle compounds with an occupational exposure limit of less than 1.0 µg/m3.

The PSL isolator features a half body assembly that provides unrestricted access to the interior of the chamber while keeping the operator safely away from direct contact with the product. Thanks to its compact design, Russell Compact Sieve® was a smart choice for installation inside the insulator. This vibrating screen provides accurate, high-capacity screening at less than half the size of conventional industrial screens and accurately removes all contamination. On this occasion, a customized version was produced with the sieve motor, which should be outside the isolator in line with the explosion risk targets. Therefore, it was placed in a control cabinet with a plate separating the engine from the screen.


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